Advanced Traceability Solutions

Advanced Traceability Solutions offers the equipment necessary to track crops.

Advanced Traceability Solutions provides the ability to label, scan, and track food products as they progress from the harvest location through processing and distribution to the grocer or food service company.

Each of the Process and distribution printing systems includes a thermal printer, label design software and labels or tags. The thermal printers print labels including lot ID, location, supplier, date, time, 1D or 2D barcodes and other critical information.

Choose from  linked here Stand Alone Printing Systems that do not require a PC. Or connect the printing system directly to a network.  Select the printer needed- portable or desktop, light industrial, or high output.

The label information is directly input to ScoringAg via a web based interface or can be scanned using data collectors or bar code scanners into Labels can be created for the various types of harvest locations; fields, orchards, lakes, rivers, bays and oceans. To meet the various harvest requirements, Advanced Traceability Solutions offers several GPS printing systems. Print anywhere, any time with a batter-operated and light-weight SmartPDA.

No longer is a large multi-acre field location or County of Origin Sufficient. With this system, a specific longitude and latitude are specified. The locations are specific to within a few feet or meters.

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