Scoring Ag

additional resources The photo above shows an actual squash field entered into ScoringAg’s databank.

ScoringAg is a full-chain traceability and archiving system.  It allows users to trace food from the exact point of origin all the way through processing and transportation to its final destination: your kitchen. ScoringAG is fully compliant with the FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act), 2002 Bio-Terorrism Law/ Food Defense, Country of Origin, BMP, GAP’s, SSOP, HACCP, USDA-FSIS and EU traceback laws for all food handlers from seed to consumer. In other words, ScoringAg allows you to trace food from field to fork.

ScoringAG also provides complete record keeping, traceback and labeling solutions compliant with FDA standards. ScoringAg is the only complete global database for worldwide traceback and trace up record keeping and documentation of agriculture products with Point-to-Point Traceback(TM) for each individual commodity/entity.ScoringAg is simple, secure and inexpensive.
Scoring Ag allows users to track site-specific locations with real-time records. It also allows multiple users to update the same database anytime, anywhere. ScoringAg is currently used to track crops, animals, fish/shellfish, fowl, commodities, containers, machinery and ingredients.
For more information or to sign up for ScoringAg, contact P. Sweeten Consulting.

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